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Something everyone in the cosplay community ought to remember.

At the tender age of 13, Ysabel SavingSunlight seems to have a greater understanding of this hobby and a bigger heart than some people who are far older than she is.

"Cosplay is for fun. It's a misunderstood hobby with a good and bad side. If everything is going good in your cosplay, keep it up just don’t lose your head in its fictional world. Keep priorities like family and school in order. If things aren’t great, do not be disheartened from doing what you love. As long as you are having fun, keep going!

It’s a different kind of happy-high when you are among fellow cosplayers but at the end of the day, it only matters if you enjoyed yourself or not. It’s not about popularity or pageviews, having fans or not, being better than others... no. It’s about expressing yourself through a character you love and sharing it with others.

Hopefully, you’ll make friendships that will last even when the costumes are faded, wigs worn out and cameras stop flashing."

:pointr: Source: Ysabel's Cosplay Star interview:…


Here are some hopefully helpful guides we came up with for whoever might need a bit of advice.

:bulletblue: Cosplay Photography Guide
:bulletgreen: About Posing and Convention Etiquette
:bulletyellow: Wig Styling Tutorial (pretty old, though)
:bulletpurple: General Cosplay Courtesy
:bulletpink: Cosplay Makeup Guide (new one in progress)
:bulletwhite: HOW DO WE COSPLAYED ANIMU :dummy: HURRR

Do you have something you want to ask? I'm still on the losing end of the epic battle with my dA message center and email inbox, so you may want to check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for quick answers. :D


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How do you deal with haters?

Fri Jun 13, 2014, 4:25 PM by behindinfinity:iconbehindinfinity:

I got this as a question on my Tumblr, and I felt I could share my thoughts here as well because it seems it's something a lot of people can relate to. I hope this comes to helpful to any of you guys reading.

I’m certain there are people who dislike me. Some I come to know through whisperings because I have eyes everyyyyywheeeeere.

However, I don’t feel the need to acknowledge them or do anything about it unless they are causing any real harm, especially to people I care about.

There is a popular quote that I like referencing for this topic, which gets the message across in a charming way:

You can be a juicy, ripe peach and there’s still going to be someone who doesn’t like peaches, so you can either submit to someone’s criticism of you, or you can get on with the business of being your own amazing self who attracts other like-minded people that appreciate you.” — Dita Von Teese

I used to be affected if I found out someone didn’t like me, but I’ve come to learn that people can have very irrational reasons for hating someone.

Sometimes it is simply because your personalities and tastes are not compatible. And that’s fine and normal. 

Other times, they can take a part of you and twist it and build up their own negative perception and convince themselves that they are right to hate you. But it doesn’t mean that what they think about you is true. Their image of you that they force upon themselves could be due to their own insecurities.

Although I sometimes say this jokingly, I find that in certain cases it’s not just simply “Haters gonna hate.” I also dislike it when people jump to the conclusion, “They just hate you because they’re jealous.” While it can be true at times, it’s not the ultimate answer. Let’s be real here. It is not surprising for people to feel a sense of dislike towards someone who is truly being a terrible human being. Did you do something that merits you being considered a terrible human being? If the answer is no, then good.

Here’s what you can do: If someone openly throws some harsh words at you, take a deep breath and try to objectively consider what they have to say. Maybe you can ask yourself things like:

:bulletorange: Are they actually trying to offer constructive criticism but are  lacking in tact and eloquence? If they seem interesting or intelligent enough, try to converse with them to understand. Maybe you’ll learn something new. If they are just bigots or trolls, pity them for a second, don’t dignify them with an answer or any more of your time, and move on. Be the better person.

:bulletorange: Are they pointing out something you may have done wrong that you weren’t aware of? Do you think they are right? If they are, be humble enough to consider that you might have something to improve on. If they’re not, then just don’t mind them. If someone is really set on disliking you, you’re the last person they will allow to change their minds.

These are just general ideas, because it always depends on the context. But in the end, what’s important is that if you truly believe you did nothing wrong, then disregard them and walk away with your head held high. Hopefully you aren’t a sociopath.

You can’t please every single person in the world. And that’s okay. The people whose happiness and opinions should matter the most are your own, and those of the people you care about and care for you. If you focus on being your own fantastic self, you can feel sorry for your haters because they lost the opportunity to get to know the wonderful person you are.



Artist | Varied
Hi, I'm Jin.
I like painting,
I enjoy taking pictures,
I'm happiest on rainy days,
and I'm not very good at introductions.

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Would you like to see us dance to TAAAKEEE TAAAAAKEEEE 

711 deviants said TAKERUUUUUUU well here it is :pointr:…

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It doesn't bend air or anything, but I still think it's pretty cool.

My avatar was a gift from JadeLand, and she also made matching Tuxedo Team icons for Kat moonlightflight, Miguel merkymerx, Nejin ceruleanmorning and China snowpeachdrop. They hold a lot of sentimental value for us so we'd appreciate if you don't steal them! Thank you! :D


NOTE: I've been asked this a lot so I thought I should explain. China (snowpeachdrop) is still in our company, but no longer indulges in the hobby of cosplay due to other aspects of life that she chooses to dedicate her time to. She deactivated her account because she no longer feels that her work there represents who she is as an artist. That's all there is to it. :)


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Hey! I absolutely love your work. If I had the time, money and ambition I would print all your work onto wallpaper and plaster every wall in my house with it. Especially your Rurouni Kenshin cosplay photos, they have me squealing like a little girl on the inside. I literally wish I could type out pages upon pages, using every flattering adjective, in every known language, praising you for your beautiful work. I am aware how terrifyingly geeky and fanatical I must be coming across to you, I just wish to sufficiently impress upon you how talented I think you are, and having just read through what I've typed I say "Mission complete". I also appreciate what you had to say on dealing with haters. I haven't yet posted any of my work up, but the fact is that if and when I do such things as dealing with less friendly and sympathetic viewers of my work will be an inevitabilty, and let's face it, it goes against the grain of human nature to accept critism willingly. Though I've run through my mind the same logical solutions to such things as you stated above, there's just something about hearing it, or rather reading it from someone else. It somehow helps a person's resolve. . . Well sending you love, and hoping you keep up the brilliant work. You have a solid fan down here in Australia:)
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