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April 17, 2011
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Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You by behindinfinity Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You by behindinfinity
These childish feelings
The days we laughed together happily
I hope we come to treasure them
I'll become just a little grown up
Surpassing the me that wants to be just like you
To connect to you
Right now
To reach you

lyrics from Kimi ni Todoke OP 1 by Tomofumi Tanizawa

A cosplay cinemagraph of Shouta Kazehaya and Sawako Kuronuma from the shoujo series Kimi ni Todoke by Karuho Shiina. :heart: Photographed by Sandra Dans, post-processed animated by Jin (me) *behindinfinity

I'm not usually one for shoujo series, but a friend recommended it to me because she felt I would like it. She was right; there was a lot about it that I could relate to. It gave me a new sense of appreciation for certain things in my life. And gah, the characters are just really endearing!

This is a little intermission from my previous uploads. I'm not even quite done posting the Kuroshitsuji set, hahah. Until I can finish posting the other series, here is a photo from yesterday. We were visiting a friend who lives near La Mesa Ecopark, so we went there to check the place out and try shooting there.

One of the things I wanted to try out was making cinemagraphs not quite a video clip nor an entirely animated GIF, but a little more than a regular still photo. It was a challenge, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process. :D We'll definitely do more of these in future shoots! I need more practice.

I had been considering doing something of this sort for a while, given my interest in cinematography and tinkering with animation. The closest I have come is my profile photo on the left side of my Tumblr page, but that was a video capture. I found the drive to finally try it out properly after seeing Jamie's cinemagraphs on her blog. It's purely coincidental that her Tumblr name "From Me To You" is a phrase that is also used for the english translation of the cosplay we chose to shoot Kimi ni Todoke (From Me To You, Reaching You). :) If this somehow manages to reach Ms. Jamie You are beautiful, and thank you from all of us for the inspiration! :rose:

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