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November 23, 2010
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Tuxessories: Super Mustachio by behindinfinity Tuxessories: Super Mustachio by behindinfinity
Store link - :star: :star:
This black acrylic stache hangs on one side when worn. It functions like a monocle for your upper lip. Minimizes messy chains on your face for photo-ops!

Admittedly, this necklace has nothing to do with the popular game franchise we are parodying for these promo pics. :lol: It'll always be one of my favorite game series, and I even miss the times I'd wait for the TV show (especially the Do The Mario segment at the end). Special thanks to our friends Super Melo ~BallistaShark and Super Lobaha ~Weakman for being our Super Mustachio Brothers!

As I have mentioned before, my friends and I design and assemble these necklaces ourselves. To motivate us to put even more effort and love into our work, we make necklaces that we ourselves would like to wear. :)

We thought of doing our own take on a mustache necklace because we have a habit of doing this for photos:
1 :pointr: [link]
2 :pointr: [link]
3 :pointr: [link]

The ink can be troublesome sometimes so we've also tried alternatives. At one point we even had stick-on mustaches, but they got to be a bit uncomfortable under the nose after prolonged wear.

There are other staches out there, but we wanted something personal and with our specific preferences. And with the necklace we designed, we are quite happy. We hope you will enjoy them too!

:holly: Holiday Shipping Rush Reminder
If you're interested in ordering this for yourself or as presents for your friends, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible because the holiday shipping rush is coming up! People all over the world will be sending presents to each other so the shipping companies will be understandably busier than usual. Your orders might arrive late if you get caught in the rush!

:la: Raffle Time!
Also, we are holding a raffle for all our customers! A purchase of any necklace grants you a chance to win a necklace of your choice! The only design excluded from this offer is the Tux Cameo for Charity, because we will be donating all the profits for those.

You may purchase this, and other designs through our online store:
:rzero: :rzero:

Our preferred payment method is PayPal.
We ship worldwide and do combined shipping! :D

Additional details here:

Tuxessories Facebook Page:


Photo credits:a
:bulletblack: models are:
:iconballistashark: Melo Trinidad as Super Melo
:iconweakman: Lobaha Pururin as Super Lobaha
:bulletblack: photography & design by ~Tuxessories

Tuxessories designs currently in my gallery:

The rest are in our website: [link]

:note: Sorry about the necklace spam! The usual photo sharing still goes on in my journal :pointr: [link]

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