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November 2, 2012
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Generation of Miracles casual outfit portraits
(Added on November 7)

Not everyone's Teiko uniforms are ready just yet, but we wanted to get a feel of things for the proper shoot so we did this for practice. It gave us a chance to try out our wigs and makeup and junk to see what we need to improve on for our actual cosplays. :)

Generation of Miracles Casual Portraits by behindinfinity
The following portraits are the full-sized versions of what was squeezed into the above banner thing

:iconhana181: Aki as Tetsuya Kuroko

We're sorry Tetsu, you have no face in your portrait!

:iconcazzu-chan: Cassie as Ryota Kise

Bringin' out the kira-kira model-kun aura!
/slightly envious of such long limbs

:icondorkydea: Myk as Tsuntaro Tsunderima Shintaro Midorima

Today's lucky item is apparently a ninja's frog wallet

:icondancingontightrope: Aruki as Daiki Aomine

In the Zooooooone

:bulletred: Daigo Sen / Mark as Atsushi Murasnackibara Murasakibara

Everyone had basketballs, but Atsushi has a jack-o-lantern bucket full of treats :lol: (this was still during Halloween)
Basketballs are too mainstream, he says

:iconbehindinfinity: Jin as Seijuro Akashi

Captain Creepy is judging you

:camera: photos by Marko :iconhappy-hario:
:bulletblue: post-processed by me behindinfinity

Outtakes below!

Halloween shoot outtakes and crack photos
During this year's Halloween, my friends and I got together to do a cosplay shoot for a series that we're really into right now Kuroko no Basket. It's quite a popular series now, and as fans ourselves, we can see why. So we're not surprised so many others are crazy about it too. :lol: More on this perhaps when we have proper photos to show.

Something I look forward to in the manga are the omake at the end of the chapters. So right now, I'll be sharing our outtakes from the shoot. The whole lot of us are just goofballs :laughing:

Okay, a relatively decent group shot first! Showing actual height differences! (Although the people at the back are much taller than they seem here hahah)

:iconhana181: Aki as Tetsuya Kuroko
:icondancingontightrope: Aruki as Daiki Aomine
:iconbehindinfinity: Jin as Seijuro Akashi
:iconcazzu-chan: Cassie as Ryota Kise
:icondorkydea: Myk as Shintaro Midorima
:bulletred: Daigo Sen / Mark as Atsushi Murasakibara
:iconyaoiangel14: Charmie as Satsuki Momoi

:camera: photos mostly by Marko :iconhappy-hario:
assisted by :iconweakman: Dom, :iconmerkymerx: Miguel, Erving and Mary

Rewind to the earlier parts of the day!

Not all of our uniforms are ready, so Aki Hana181 and I just got a few shots with what we had to test them out.

Here is my yearbook portrait as Akashi
Teiko Yearbook: Seijuro Akashi by behindinfinity
(Click thumbnail to enlarge)

I actually did need to style Aki's wig, so this happened. (Thank you Cass cazzu-chan for taking these photos!)

Kuroko and Akashi had very similar hairstyles in middle school, right? This is my theory as to how that came to be :XD:

And then when we went to scout the basketball court area, I got this stupid idea for a comic thing inspired by a meme. I got a bad bruise from boxing training, so I figured we might as well make use of it for something funny :lol:

Inspired by this meme :pointr:…

It was a fun challenge trying to copy Akashi's homicidal glare :lol:

:note: And since people often ask, my lenses (as well as all my other Generation of Miracles friends' lenses) are from Alice and Rabbit's Shop. I'm using the Red Prescription Lens (phased out) and Crystal Max Lenses in Brown (it's actually golden brown).

Here's the development of that bruise in the photos above. Bruise Lee. :| This is what Dom named the bruise he (accidentally?) gave me during training, as I mentioned. We weren't even sparring or anything yet. I bruise like a fruit. Don't worry though, it looks worse than it feels!

When the rest of our friends arrived, we changed into our casual outfits and helped each other prep up. And then, on to the night shoot!

Halloween-themed portrait that I took of Aruki dancingontightrope as Aomine who has mistaken a jack-o-lantern for a basketball. Hahah! The red eyes were not edited; that's reflected light from the jack-o-lantern. As for the light source for the lantern it came from Midorima who is crouching somewhere below, pointing a flashlight at it to make it glow :lol:

A snapshot I took when Marko Happy-Hario was shooting. This is what happens behind the scenes when we don't bring stands and stuff, hahah! Human assistants to the rescue! The flash and diffuser had to be held up quite high, so Mark / Murasakibara (who actually does tower over all of us) handled those. Dom is sitting by the side, using a stick to help balance the basketball in Aruki's grip. :XD:

Marko's masterpiece the most in-character portrait of Tetsuya Kuroko

The reject shots from poses which involve us throwing balls can be pretty hilarious
We took turns captioning this in between fits of laughter
Dom said, "This is the last thing you will see before an Ignite Pass hits you"
Marko said, "Kuroko wa Basket....ball"
and also, "Kuroko loves basketball so much he dressed up as one for Halloween"

The Ignite Pass and the Astonished Spectator
(also, Slenderima)

Halloween group photo! Generation of Miracles goes trick-or-treating!
Kuroko no Basket Halloween! by behindinfinity
(Click thumbnail to enlarge)

After we pulled off the Halloween junk, we just wanted some random snapshots for Facebook and whatever, so we huddled together for Marko. We didn't realize Tsunderima wanted to join too.

Towards the end of the night, we were ravenously hungry so we headed over to Chuck's Deli for dinner.

When I'm around my friends, they inspire me to make them cringe with corny puns. We were all just waiting for our food when I had the urge to parody some of Akashi's famous lines, which you'll see in the photo sequence below. Charmie managed to document it, hahahah.

(People who read the manga will get the reference)
HAHAHAH I do kind of want to hit myself
If we ever do a Seirin group, I call dibs on Izuki because he is my pun bro

Aki was facepalming beside me as that was happening and when I was done, shook me and went, "CAPTAINNNN WHY ARE YOU SO CORNYYYYYY"

Aruki snapped this photo of me and Aki
Kuroko and Akashi twin haircuts!
We were using a purikura app on Charmie's phone, working very hard on our masterpiece, which is...

Hipster Kuroko!
The Emperor's new clothes!
Kawaii poop head Kise!
Momoi and Aomine both with items stolen from Barbie's wardrobe
I don't even know what we did to Midorima hahahah

And I leave you to process that image.
Until next time!

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O-oh gosh, I just recently stumbled onto your dA. Your team's cosplay shoots are pretty amazing! Then I somehow found my way to your outtakes entries, and they're so full of hilarity that I'm torn between squeezing it with a 'kyaa' or smacking it like a Tsunderima would rofl.

I hope I don't sound weird by saying this, but you could definitely bring Akashi to life XD oh and I'm so so sorry if I'm accidentally reviving an old entry; I've been jumping links and I couldn't help but comment when it got to Kuroko no Basuke
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