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April 16, 2013


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Sasuke's Picture Diary

Tue Apr 16, 2013, 9:24 PM
Leave comments to keep me company?

I am about to spend the next 6 hours or so sewing and painting to finish up costumes and then packing for an adventure. I will soon after leave for the trip and it's going to take a while to get to where I'm going to it'd be great if you leave comments to keep me company on the way there! I'll be reading and replying as much as possible! :D

Team Sasuke at Ozine Fest Day 3

So here are pictures from our day out last Sunday! Some are from my phone, others are from Facebook friends (Thanks, Jannibee and Benelyn!) and people who have sent me snapshots over Twitter!

Let's start with a group shot! Our theme was Sasuke and his teachers (and his flirt of an alternate universe self from Road to Ninja)

12 year-old pre-Shippuden Sasuke Jin :iconbehindinfinity:
older Swagsuke/Charasuke from the Road to Ninja movie Miguel :iconmerkymerx:
Hatake Kakashi Dom :iconweakman:
Orochimaru Markee :iconshinobimarkee:

On my Facebook page, I had posted wig progress like I usually do before cons or shoots. Here are some progress shots of my progress for Kakashi. It started out as a somewhat flat, chin-length wig.

I had also been styling a new Naruto wig (my old one had needed to retire), and a Sasuke wig. I guess people assumed I would be Naruto as usual, hahah.

Related post: new Naruto wig in action during our viewing of the Road to Ninja movie:
Revisiting Naruto cosplay + Road to Ninja Movie!So I've heard of this film for a long while, but never got to watch it for lack of a proper subbed copy/DVD release. (There was that Korean dubbed one that some people watched online, but Naruto has my favorite Japanese voice acting so I didn't want to watch it any other way!)
Sometime last month, some happy news reached our shores Road to Ninja would be showing at our local cinemas!! I know it's been a while since its first release but I'm glad I waited before resorting to well, less legal ways of watching it! Hahah! Here is a stupid rap I wrote and slapped on a manga panel:
Would Killer Bee be proud of me? HAHAH
Premiere Night!
I had the honor of being invited to the special advanced screening at Director's Club before it hit the cinemas! Major thanks to Ica and Movie Punch for having us over!
I dressed up as Minato (the Fourth Hokage) and Marien dressed up as

Duckbutt hair is fun
(And a guy is getting a peek at Kakashi-sensei's true face)

Marko Happy-Hario cosplaying as Masashi Kishimoto HAHAH

I was not aware that we were asked to pose for pictures in front of a backdrop of cupcakes and ice cream.

As much as I enjoy being Naruto, it was a nice change of pace to be Saucekay.

Although for most of the day I tried to keep my facial expression more Sasuke-like, I couldn't help smiling when this little guy came up to me

Sasuke's picture diary

Dear diary,
Today my teachers took me on a day out.

Kakashi-sensei brought me to Jamba Juice before Chidori training. Because he says that to call upon A Thousand Birds (Chidori), you must fill your body with fruit.

We made a detour before proceeding with training.
Kakashi-sensei, you are going to get us killed.

Chidori training begins! Kakashi-sensei taught me Chidori today, with the help of Mr. Stark. I'm not sure if he was alright in the end...

I also got the chance to learn from foreign people like Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo taught me about being the stallion who mounts the world

Ib and Garry taught me about art.

I went to a cafe with Orochimaru. He had me drink more milk to grow big and strong. (There is a joke I could make about sucking but I'll keep it in my head)

I got to spend time with my older self. I'm not sure how to feel about him.

He may be just as bad as Kakashi-sensei

I can't seem to finish my drink without interruptions


I think it had some sort of effect because everyone was like








I wonder if it would have been different if they got a good look at the bag I was carrying. You're judging me too, aren't you? It was a gift from the nin-cats who serve my clan!

Kakashi-sensei treated me to dinner after a long day.
He was unmasked but my hair covered the view of his face.

Practical application of Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu: PASS!

"Usuratonkachi, look at what's for dinner when you're not around"

(I think it's time to pull a frame from our most recent Naruto shoot)

"They're... having ramen without me..."

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I usually post pictures from my phone when we're out derping around in cosplay, hahah! And a lot of that is going to be happening this week!


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