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August 2, 2012
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Jin's Flower Wreath Process
Sometime last May, Kat moonlightflight and I cosplayed our favorite Vocaloid song, "Just Be Friends".

Their outfits seem simple at a glance, but that actually makes things more complicated sometimes. Hahah. Despite Luka's dress looking like something you could probably find in a mall, Charmie yaoiangel14 made the dress from scratch exactly as it looked in the artwork, just for Kat moonlightflight. Kat and I also did our best  with the part of their outfits that had the most amount of detail (which also happens to be our favorite parts) — the flower wreaths.

I have some pictures of the progress of my wreath, so I thought I'd share them. This probably isn't the best method of going about this, but this is how I did mine and I found it pretty easy. (I wish I could have taken more photos or a video, but to be honest I wasn't quite sure I'd pull this off at first. Hahah!)

The first step for me was shopping for materials. I looked at the artwork closely to get an idea of what kind of flowers and leaves I should keep an eye out for. Here's a little breakdown:

1. The main pieces were the red roses. I noted that some had a magenta tinge, while others had a more orange tint. I was lucky enough to find a bundle with both, and in the right stage of blooming (open, but not fully bloomed).

2. As for the leaves, I noticed they were tear-shaped and were a mix of several green shades. Light green, forest green, and olive green mainly.

3. For some little extra touches, I noticed there were small bunches of peach-colored blossoms. I couldn't find some quite like the ones in the illustrations, but I did have these berry-like things that gave a similar visual effect from a distance.

4. Another little extra detail I mixed in were these tiny splashes of light yellow-green.

Here is half of my flower haul. They were from the home section of SM Department Store.

A better look at the flower bunch

And here are the leaves

I also used these green craft wires. They're just really thin wires with a green paper covering. I got this at the crafts section of my usual office supply store (National Bookstore).

The wires are really thin so I started out by braiding three pieces for a slightly more stable base. It didn't have to be neat, because I will be adding a lot more stuff on top of it, and it won't really show in the final wreath.

The wires weren't very long so I just kept adding to the ends by braiding and twisting more wire. Again, it didn't need to be neat. I did that until I got the estimated length I needed. I didn't close it up just yet because I wanted to fit it around my neck after putting the flowers on. (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of this stage! I was in the zone hahaha)

I cut off the flowers from their bunches, leaving about this much allowance on the stem so I could twist it onto the wreath. I didn't have specific measurements. Whatever felt right, really.

Same with the leaves.
Aren't my scissors great? The advantage of having something SO BLOODY KAWAII YO is that nobody ever tries to steal it. It would be easy to spot and I'd be like HEY MAN, THOSE ARE MY SCISSORS, MAN.


Here's how I attached the flowers and leaves to the braided base. I basically just held the stem against the base ring, and twisted more wire around them to keep them together. I made sure to push the ends in to avoid them potentially poking my neck.

To ration my main roses and make sure I had enough, I started by distributing the biggest roses around the ring.

It's starting to come together!

After I had positioned the main roses, I added in the smaller bits to fill up the gaps.

Soon, I had this.

After the flowers and leaves had been put in place, I brought out the floral tape. You can get these at office/craft/art supply stores too. It feels like thin stretchy fabric and the adhesive is very mild but adequate. You just have to keep winding it around itself tightly and pinching around it to secure the hold.

I just wrapped them around parts where the base braid was showing, and around everything else I possibly could.

This helps keep everything together and make everything look generally neater. But I wasn't quite finished at this point and it doesn't look very neat at all in the picture.

After a couple of hours of patience and some WIZARD MAGIC
Finished flower wreath! Cue fanfare!

And here's how it looks when worn:

Vocaloid: JUST BE FRIENDS by behindinfinity
(Click for full view)

Group photo with some of the people who made that event enjoyable <3
:iconviospace: Kaito, :iconjesuke: Gakupo, :iconyaoiangel14: SeeU, :iconhana181: Len, :iconbehindinfinity: Luka's nameless ex-boyfriend in Just Be Friends — hahahaha, :iconmoonlightflight: Luka, :iconlunaru: Hagane Miku

Our flower wreaths weren't completely 100% accurate because the scale of the available flowers was bigger than it looks in the artwork, but we worked with what we had and were happy with what we made. I actually like the larger scale because it makes the wreaths stand out more. It also felt very rewarding that people came up to us to ask about how we made them or just express their appreciation. :) I hope this was helpful!

Sequel to Just Be Friends
So have you guys seen the sequel song to "Just Be Friends"?

Here it is, it's called "Answer (アンサー)"

Click here to watch (includes English subtitles)

AUGH. Right in the feels. </3

Ciel Phantomhive Lenses
For those of you out there who are planning to cosplay Ciel, Alice and Rabbit's Shop is open for Custom Orders/item pre-orders right now! One of their sets that are in high demand right now are the Ciel Phantomhive lenses. Christine and Kathleen sent in their pictures wearing the Alice and Rabbit lenses.

You can also see them in higher resolution on Christine's post :pointr:…


You can get your own Ciel Lens Set at the Custom Orders (pre-order) page :pointr:…

Crystal Max Lenses Review (Part 2)
A while back, I posted this review of Alice and Rabbit's Shop Crystal Max Lenses:
WHAT TIME IS IT? + Crystal Max Lens reviewIt's journal time! Today I've got some random spazzing and a lens review!
Oh man so I had just come home from an extremely enjoyable but very tiring day and I was just about ready to fall into bed when I spot a parcel waiting for me.
Gasp! ADVENTURE TIME merch from Hatah Hatah!! My friends and I were stopped in our tracks by their Finn hat at the con last weekend and we ended up kind of collectively staring at their booth and puking rainbows. We were all like MOTHER OF WANT WE MUST HAVE ALL THE THINGS
So after that I ordered the Finn pocket shirt and I got them today then I saw these hats and AAAAAAA brb wearing these everywhere
Adventure Time with Jin and Jake
(With the Glasses of Nerdicon)
Everything is SLAMACOW and comfortably squishy! If you like them, you can check out Hatah Hatah at their Facebook page :D
Crystal Max Lenses from Alice and Rabbit's Shop

I covered the other colors (Pink, Violet, Blue) in this Tumblr post :pointr:…

Alice and Rabbit's Shop has excellent, brightly pigmented and reasonably-priced contact lenses which are great for cosplay. I highly recommend you check them out if you're looking for lenses to go with your costumes! :D

Some pretty awesome news
Remember these shirt designs/artworks?
Forever and Always - PRINTED! by behindinfinity All Hail Cathulhu by behindinfinity Mercurial II by behindinfinity

My designs have been produced by and are now available at their online store! Check them out over here :pointr:…

I'm one of the artists they selected for's Artist Designed line for which they selected illustrators around the world to make shirts of our artworks. Very honored to be part of the roster!

I'll be creating more designs over the next several months :D If you like, comment to let me know what you'd like to see!

I miss updating DA!
Yet again, sorry I seem to have disappeared from deviantART! I really like to take my time when I update this page, and lately I just haven't had much time to do that. There are so many things that need to be done, that sometimes it's almost maddening. I say almost because a lot of these things are far from unpleasant, but I so often end up wishing there were hours in a day so I could make time for everything!

Apart from the incoming updates from the things I'm currently working on (new costumes, shoots, paintings and Tuxessories!) I actually still have a backlog of updates piled up that I need to post. Despite being very late, I will exert more effort to get them out here so they don't end up forgotten. So for the nth time, I apologize that I haven't been able to reply to you guys. It's just that I feel like if I start responding to someone, I need to do it for everyone or I'll feel bad about it. But I do my best to read all your comments and stuff, and I sincerely do appreciate everything! :thanks:

Other places you can keep in touch with me:
:bulletwhite: (random little updates)
:bulletwhite: (art blog)


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